The 1972 Bobby Fischer – Boris Spassky, World Championship; inspired a whole generation of chess players who are just about ready to return to the chess world – this was Game 1 in that match, in which Fischer playing the Black pieces suddenly allowed his Bishop to be trapped as if losing his mind. Maybe it was a psychological ploy or simply the pressure having got to Bobby; we shall never really know?


By reproducing this Game 1 of that 1972 World Championship, I was hoping to inspire a new generation of young players through the Greenlands Chess Academy.

Sadly, the new owners of the Greenlands Inn have ended this possibility. My Chess Academy no longer exists, at least for the moment.

I wanted to grab the hearts and minds of the next generation of young players, just as this first game inspired me, a game which saw Bobby Fischer challenging Soviet Chess dominance that had endured through 50 years of Soviet Champions; and how that had caught my imagination all those years ago back when I was a 15 year old.

It’s a story now told very well in the movie: Pawn Sacrifice, which I would thoroughly recommend to anyone wondering what was so special about that match and that era in Chess.