Greenlands Chess Club


Health and Safety Code of Practice


Membership of Greenlands Chess Club is open to all players of any age, race, gender or orientation. The club has a duty of care towards all members; but especially so in regard to any junior or vulnerable person who attends club either as a member or visitor.

Greenlands will not select juniors for away matches unless they are accompanied by a parent or an adult nominated by the parents.

Adults should avoid being alone with junior members and junior visitors and should remember that words and gestures, however innocently intended, can sometimes be misinterpreted.

Greenlands Chess Club will operate a policy of allowing unaccompanied youngsters to attend club activities on the understanding parents/guardians have a responsibility to accompany their child during Chess Club activities. As the Social Club is open to the public we recommend parents/guardians accompany their children at all times, and further recommend parents/guardians accompany their children as far as the toilet.

Greenlands Chess Club must also insist that alcoholic beverages be strictly monitored in the presence of young people ineligible to consume alcohol; and that on no account should any alcoholic drink be supplied to an underage person.

Greenlands Chess Club has a zero tolerance policy towards drugs of any description.

First Aid treatment or medication required by any junior must be administered by a parent/guardian or administered in the presence of a parent/guardian. Avoid administering First Aid involving the removal of children’s clothing unless in the presence of a parent/guardian. Call 999 if a serious incident occurs or send for medical assistance.

Anyone who has concerns regarding any aspect of Health and Safety, especially in relation to a junior or vulnerable person; should raise the matter with the Club Safeguarding Officer Kevin Hurney, Deputy Safeguarding Officer James Fletcher or Club Secretary Steve Crees.

A copy of this notice will be given to all Chess Club members and will be available to all visiting clubs which include juniors in their team. The notice is displayed on the club’s website and will be on view during club nights on the club noticeboard.